Covid-19 & Transit Times

Thank-you for continuing to support Manbox, and our partnership during trying times. We hope that you and your loved ones continue to stay safe and healthy.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all courier companies are struggling to maintain optimal service levels due to Covid-19 protocols, and an increase with online ordering globally. While we have built a strong business based on quality, customer service, and unique product gifting-we too are feeling the impact of the changes in our world. WE all are in this together.

Please see below the changes to our transit times due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 Transit Times              
  Ground Transit Time Over $99 Order Ground 2 Day Delivery Next Day    
Toronto/GTA              1-2 Business Days On Orders Placed Before 3:00 P.M Free Shipping $13.00 $40.00 $50.00    
Ontario 2-4 Business Days Free Shipping $11.00 N/A N/A    
Newfoundland & Labrador 4- 6 Business Days            
Nova Scotia 3-5 Business Days Free Shipping $13.00  N/A  $40.00    
PEI 2-5 Business Days Free Shipping $13.00  N/A  $45.00    
New Brunswick 2- 5 Business Days Free Shipping $13.00  N/A  $45.00    
Quebec 2-4 Business Days Free Shipping $13.00  N/A  $25.00    
Manitoba 2-4 Business Days Free Shipping $13.00  N/A  $35.00    
Saskatchewan 3-6 Business Days Free Shipping $13.00 $30.00 $40.00    
Alberta 4-7 Business Days Free Shipping $13.00 $30.00 $40.00    
British Columbia 5-8 Business Days Free Shipping $15.00 $35.00 $45.00    
Northwest Territories and Nunavat 3 Business Days    $-     $-    $90.00    
US 2-8 Business Days   $25.00  $-    $75.00    

Orders placed before 2:00 P.M for recipients in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) will be delivered within two business days.

Orders placed before 2:00 pm for any address outside of the GTA will be shipped out same day (unless a later shipping date is requested. *Please note we will be shipping these orders in advance in order to achieve your requested delivery date.

While we stay in touch with our couriers daily, we are trying our best to maintain your requested dates.


We are currently equipped with staff who are maintaining distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are practicing high safety measures to maintain the health and safety of both our staff members and recipients. This is of the utmost importance to us, as employees are both washing their hands and sanitizing on a regular basis.

We are currently not open to the public and will not do so until this pandemic is over, we take this crisis seriously and optimal safety levels are of high importance.


Jean Grima